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About Us

Lighting are designers

The founders of Brilliant App Lighting are designers and engineers, not businessmen. We wanted to share our love of LED lighting and offer our innovative LED products to the world at amazing prices, so this website was born.

Whether you want to light up a room or apply unique and eye-catching lighting effects to your car, now is a great time to shop our site. We offer a wide variety of good quality stylish light fixtures at reasonable prices. Give one to a friend, get one for yourself, both!

Our products will enhance the appearance and functionality of any vehicle and are useful in many automotive applications for both on-road and off-road use. Common automotive uses for our products include ground effects lighting in performance automobiles, off-road light bars, efficient low-power lighting for campers or boats and cargo bay lighting for commercial trucks.

Commercial building also benefit from our products with applications like: flexible lighting for signage, efficient, long lasting and cost effective warehouse and workspace lighting, low-level and low power consumption safety lighting for parking decks and garages.

We offer an efficient, long lasting solution for almost any light need. While we are always happy to work with our customers directly, we are also eager to establish or business-to-business or supplier-retailer relationships around the world.

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